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Воронежского института ГПС МЧС России




Legal and Organizational-Administrative Problems of Fire Safety

Working out of the Optimising Mechanism of Penalties for Maintenance of Level of Region Safety

Polovinkina A.I., Golev S.A.


Expert Witnesses in Criminal Procedure of Belarus and Russia

Lukichev B.A., Alexeev S.G., Budanov S.A.


Planning, Monitoring and Control of Activity of Central Administrative Boards of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia in the Field of Development of System of Rendering Assistance by the Victim in Road and Transport Incidents in Subjects of the Russian Federation

Koleganov S.V.


Interaction Mechanism of Offset Transactions and Endowments

Bardulin E.N., Krivorotov D.S.


Prevention of Fires. Calculation of Fire Risk

Forecasting of Occurrence of Forest Fires by a Method of Imitating Modeling

Yakovlev D.V., Zvyginceva A.V.

The Methods of Fire and Explosion Hagard of Apparatuses with Combustible Dust

Gavrilenkov А.М., Kargashilov D.V., Nekrasov A.V.


Training of Specialists of EMERCOM of Russia. The Humanitarian Aspects of the Problems of Fire Safety and Emergencies

Perfection of Activity of Educational Institutions on Formation of Transport Culture of Pupils

Yakupov A.M., Sviridok E.V.


Innovative Technologies in System of Maintenance of Ability to Live in the Conditions of the Extreme Situation

Sevrjukov I.T., Afanaseva E.V.


Some Aspects of the International Experience in Traffic Safety

Timakova V.V.


Formation of Readiness for Actions in Extreme Situations in Training of Cadets in Departmental Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia

Panferkina I.S.




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