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Воронежского института ГПС МЧС России


Issues » Issue № 1 (10), 2014



Safety of Substances and Materials

Prediction of Fire-Dangerous Properties of Substances Using Descriptors

Korolev D. S.

Safety of Structures, Buildings and Constructions

Estimation Algorithm Onset Duration of Local Fire on the Temperature Field in Neventeliruemyh Large Warehouses

Kostykov S. V., Ryazhskix V. I.

The Mechanisms of Possible Realizations of Physical Effects and Accounting Strength Characteristics of Complex Structures

Zibrov G. V.,  Starov V. N.,  Smolencev E. V.,  Popov A. V.

General Fire Safety

Problems of Collecting the Information about Fires and Accidents at Industrial Facilities: Ways of Their Solution

Kokorin V. V., Xalikov V. D., Udilova I. Ya., Shevcov S. A.

Methods and Means for Safety

Modern Powder Fire Extinguishing Systems

Maklecov A. K.

Psychological Peculiarities of Informing Population in Emergencies

Demchenko O. Yu., Udilova I. Ya., Shevcov S. A.

The Use of Cone-Shaped Filter Elements for Reducing Dust Emissions of Production, Repair and Maintenance of Railway Cars

Romanyuk E. V., Piglovskij N. V., Krasovickij Yu. V.

Problems and Prospects of Prevention of Emergency Situations

Improvement of Methods of Evacuation on the Object of Mass Stay of People Using Modern Photoluminescent Evacuation Systems

Polyakov R. Yu., Xaustov S. N., Bokadarov S. A.

Information Technologies. Information Services and Technical Means of Information Processes

System Analysis to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Information Technologiesand Making Managerial Decisions Environmental Safety

Karpushkina E. S.

Automated Generating of Reports about the Security of the Population and Rescue Units, Means of Radiation and Chemical Protection in the Form of 2/РХЗ

Bobrov A. I., Xaustov S. N., Bokadarov S. A. 

Physico-Chemical Aspects of Safety

The Definition of Vapors of Volatile Organic Compounds Platsen-Sors, Modified by the Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Calix [4] Resorcinarene

Kalach A. V., Russkix D. V., Chujkov A. M., Plaksickij A. B.

Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Complexes of Programs

Automaton Model of Operations of Emergency Units with an Occurrence of Man-Caused Emergency

Men'shix V. V., Samorokovskij A. F., Korchagin A. V.

Mathematical Modeling of Dependence of Fires at Industrial Buildings Probability on Economic and Legal-Administrative Factors

Zenin Yu. N., Trostyanskij S. N.






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