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Воронежского института ГПС МЧС России


Issues » Issue № 1 (2), 2012




Legal and Organizational-Administrative Problems of Fire Safety

Experimental Modelling of the Mechanism of Joint Financing for Risks’

Polovinkina A.I., Golev S.A.

Application of Imitating Games for Increase Regional Safety

Zherdev А.V., Nekrasov D.P., Conchakov S.A.

Algorithm of Distribution of Streams in Data Transmission Networks

Gadyshev V.A., Krutolapov A. S., Sychev D.A.

Prevention of Fires. Calculation of Fire Risk

Property Risks Analysis with Fires and Other Antropogenic Disasters

Popov A.V., Atapin A.A., Savinova V.I.

Features of Prediction of Fire Hazardous Properties of Organic Substances Using Descriptors

Kalach A. V., Kartashova T.V., Sorokina Ju.N., Oblienko M.V.

Possibilities of Application of Geographical Information Systems for Problem Solving of Forecasting of Occurrence of Forest Fires

Yakovlev D.V., Zvyginceva A.V.

Industrial Safety

Use of Software Product «Calculation of a Social and Economic Damage at Failure at the Risk Nature Enterprise» in Practical Activities of Territorial Bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia

Lebedev O. M.

Use of Geoinformation Technology for Increase of Technological Reliability Gas - Distributing of Networks on the Basis of the Statistical Analysis

Oblienko A.V., Cheremisin A.V.

Development and Use of the System for Determining Multi-Volatile Components in the Air in the Production of Building Materials from Polymer Composites

Chuykov A. M., Meshcheryakov A. V., Kalach A. V.

Training of Specialists of EMERCOM of Russia. The Humanitarian Aspects of the Problems of Fire Safety and Emergencies

Formation of Research Skills in Military Students during the Implementation of Laboratory Works on the Chemistry

Kartashova T.V., Sorokina Ju.N.

Method to Decompositions to Methodologies of the Study to Efficiency of the Systems Fireman to Safety

Litvinov O.V.

Problems of Russia Development in Works V.P. Vorontsova and His Criticism by Russian Marxists

Pen’kov A.I.

To the Question on Creation of Fire-Prevention Water Supply

Gurov A.V., Gridnev Ye.Yu.

Social Frustration at Firemen with a Different Level of Psychological Stability

Bubnov A.L.







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