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Воронежского института ГПС МЧС России


Issues » Issue № 2 (7), 2013


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Safety of Substances and Materials

Prospects of Application of Petrochemical Waste

Nikulina N. S.


General Fire Safety

Safety of Objects and Some Problems of Decision-Making

Zenin Yu. N., Starov V. N.


Methods and Means for Safety

Suggestions on Modernization of System of the Notification on the Territory of Russian Federation

Minibaev R. M., Shleenkov M. A.

Morphological Model of Technosphere Safety and Technological Risks

Zenin Yu. N., Starov V. N., Kalach A. V., Mal'tsev A. S.


Monitoring and Forecasting Natural and Man-Made Risks

Methodology Emergency Monitoring of the Accident at Hydraulic Structures

Arifulin Ye. Z., Fedyanin V. I., Mal'tsev A. S., Kalach A. V.


Information Technologies. Information Services and Technical Means of Information Processes

Information-Analytical System Forecasting of Fire-Dangerous Properties of Organic Solvents

Plaksitskiy A. B., Kalach A. V., Kalach Ye. V.


Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Complexes of Programs

Analysis of Long-Term Dynamics of the Average Square of Forest Fires

Mazurkin P. M., Katkova T. E.

Features of the Descent of Avalanches at the Different Sizes of Fragments of Snow

Solov'ev A. S.


Economic and Organizational and Managerial Safety Problems

Calculation of Material Damage from Fires in Urban Areas in the Russian Federation (based on Statistical Data for 2006-2010)

Kaybichev I. A., Kaybicheva E. I.

Training of Specialists Emercom of Russia Humanitarian Aspects

Thematic-Ideographic Classification of Vocabulary as Means for Description of the Fragment «Pupil» of the Dialect Picture of the World (by the Example of Voronezh Dialects)

Litvinova Т. А., Zagorovskaya О. V.


Some Areas Improve Partition «Training-Development» in the Environment of High School Students

Starov V. N., Shutkin A. N.

Multifaceted Machine-Aided Dialect Vocabulary of Pupil Characteristics in Voronezh Dialects and Its Possibilities in Reflecting Dialect Word Semantics

Litvinova Т. А., Zagorovskaya О. V.


Informational Messages

Participation of Voronezh Institute of State Fire Service of Emercom of Russia in the Events on Propagation of Fire Safety in Voronezh and the Voronezh Region in 2013

Borzenkova E. N.



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