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Воронежского института ГПС МЧС России


Issues » Issue № 3 (4), 2012



Legal and Organizational-Administrative Problems of Fire Safety


To the Question of Legislative Protection of the Population and Territories from Emergency Situa-tion

Nazarenko E. K., Galochkin V.N.


To Question of Network Users Providing "Intranet" MCHS Russia by Actual Legal Information on Questions of Creation, Storage, Uses and Filling in of Backlogs Financial and Material Resources Intended for Liquidation of Emergencies

Polyakov A.A., Nazarenko E. K.


Modern Approaches to Management Planning in Civil Defense and Cjrrection

Stepanenko D.V.



Prevention of Fires. Calculation of Fire Risk


Prediction of Fire Hazard Properties of Pharmaceutical Preparations

Sorokina J.N., Kartashova T.V., Kalach А.V., Oblienko M.V.



Industrial Safety


Original Software for Evaluation of Man-Made Impacts on Aquatic Ecosystems

Karpova E.S., Kalach A.V., Sitnikov A.A.


Electrical Properties of Composites Based on Polyvinyl Alcohol with Ferroelectric Inclusions

Plaksitsky A.B., Bocharov A.I.

Assessment of Efficiency of Use of RCHS in Networks of a Mobile Radio Communication and Broadcasting

Tamilin V.L., Panychev S.N.


Training of Specialists of EMERCOM of Russia. The Humanitarian Aspects of the Problems of Fire Safety and Emergencies

Legislation to Protect People and Territories from Emergencies - Patrimony Formation

Savchenkov S.N.



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