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Воронежского института ГПС МЧС России


Issues » Issue № 3 (8), 2013



Methods and Means for Safety


Innovative Survival Equipment of Bodies Falling from Height in Conditions of Technogenic Dangers

Murzinov V. L., Sushkova O. V.



Fire and Industrial Safety


About the Departure Purposes of the Fire Protection Divisions on Fire

Mukonina I. A.


About the Explosions of Natural Gas and Their Consequences in High-Rise Residential Sector

Sushko E. A., Zajcev A. M., Kashnikova A. A.



Monitoring and Forecasting Natural and Man-Made Risks


Concept Stratification Representation and Description of Urban Infrastructure to Assess the Level of Technical Risk of the Composite Index

Rybin O. A., Popov V. V., Nestrugin A. N.



Higher Mathematics. Applied Mathematics


Generalized Solutions of the Initial-Boundary Problem for the Equation of Hyperbolic Type on a Graph

Volkova A. S.



Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Complexes of Programs


Estimation of Parameters of Systems of Simultaneous Equations Models of Fire Statistics

Men'shix A. V., Trostyanskij S. N.


Estimation Algorithms of Model Parameters with Economic Approach to the Probability of Fires on Economic Facilities Using Voronezh Region by an Example

Zenin Yu. N., Trostyanskij S. N., Bakaeva G. A.



Economic and Organizational and Managerial Safety Problems


Ensuring Safety in the Period of the XXVII World Summer Universiade in Kazan

Sergeev S. V.



Educational Technologies


Legal and Pedagogical Aspects Polysubject Management of Specialists' Training at the Universities of EMERCOM of Russia

Panferkina I. S.




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