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Воронежского института ГПС МЧС России


Issues » Issue № 4 (5), 2012



Automated Control Systems


Analysis of the Concept Creation of Networks of Information Exchange

Krutolapov A.S., Sychev D.A.


Hardware and Software Platform to Support Decision-Making Executives Territorial Subsystems Rschs

Sednev V.A., Kletsov V.M.


Proposals for Ensuring the Safety and Confidentiality of Information in Local Bodies of the Executive Power

Kletsov V.M., Shimon N.S.


Decision Making in Systems of the Guard of the Information in the Case Conflictnesses of Set of Indexes of Security

Belokurov S.V., Dushkin A.V., Tsvetkov V.V., Zmeev A.A.


The Access Organization in Systems of a Guard of the Information on Basis Complex Estimation of Quality of Functioning

Belokurov S.V., Zmeev A.A.


Prevention of Fires. Calculation of Fire Risk. Industrial Safety


Modern Technologies of Prevention and Liquidation of Forest Fires on the Example of the Voronezh Region

Poliakov R.Yu., Mozgovoy N.V.


Structure and Gas Sensing Properties Of Sn-Y-O Nanocomposite As Perspective Material for Detection of Toxic and Explosive Gases

Russkih E.A., Rembeza S.I., Rembeza E.S., Russkih D.V.


Training of Specialists EMERCOM of Russia: the Humanitarian Aspects of the Problems of Fire Safety and Emergencies


To the Question on Model of Preparation of a Fireman

Gurov A.V.


Problematics of Development of Propagation in the Field of Fire-Prevention Safety in Modern Media-Space

Borzenkova E.N., Kharlan A.S., Bogatskiy Y.M., Kalach A.V.


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