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Воронежского института ГПС МЧС России


Issues » Issue № 4 (9), 2013



Risk Reduction and Emergency Response


Participation in the Elimination of a Large-Scale Emergency Situation in the Far Eastern Federal District

Kobzev I. I.



Information Technologies. Information Services

and Technical Means of Information Processes


Organization of Secure Information Interaction of Functional and Territorial Subsystems of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia

Ivanov A. Yu., Sineshhuk M. Yu.



General Fire Safety


Retrospective Analysis of Fire Prevention in the Ukraine

Nesterenko A. A.



Methods and Means for Safety


Creation and Development of Highly Maneuverable Emergency Response Service in the Russian Federation

Kalach A. V., Shutkin A. N., Shimon N. S.


Analysis of the Location of Fire Protection Units in Cities (by the Example of Voronezh)

Loboda A. V., Mukonina I. A.



Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Complexes of Programs


Stateflow Simulation of Crash of the Flood Dam during Far East Floods in the Summer of 2013

Dumachev V. N., Peshkova N. V., Kalach A. V., Chudakov A. A.



Informational Messages


The Activity of Fire-Rescue and Rescue Units for 9 Months of 2013 on the Territory of the Central Regional Center of Emercom of Russia


Cooperation with the European Union in the Field of Prevention and Liquidation of Emergency Situations



Materials of the Conference «School of Young Scientists and Specialists of EMERCOM of Russia-2013: Actual Problems of Complex Safety and Ways of Their Solution», 3-7 June 2013


Improvement of Fire-Extinguishing Capability Low Expansion Foam

Koksharov A. V.


Heat a Dry Wall of a Burning Tank with Oil

Mixajlyuk А. А.


Investigation of Temperature Distribution in the Working Volume of the Furnace Thermal Complex Laboratory Testing of Samples of Building Structures

Rybka E. A., Parinov D. B.


Application of Electrophysical Method of Acting on the Passing of Corrosion Processes at Oil and Gas Facilities

Zykov A. V.


Method of Calculation of Contact Concentrated Charges

of Condensed Explosives for the Decay of the Ice Cover on Rivers-Hazardous Areas

Radner S. S.


Study of the Influence of the Changes in the Temperature and Composition of the Gas Environment on the Structure and Properties of Carbonized Residue

Lebedev A. Yu.


Practical Measurement of Dynamic Performance of Buildings

Kazakov V. Yu.


The Use of Expanded Clay Substrates in the Straits of Oil and Oil Products

Shiryaev E. V.


Model Fire Indoors on the Basis of Full Factorial Experiment

Gulida E'. N., Renkas A. A.

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