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Воронежского института ГПС МЧС России




Columns of the magazine

•    Safety of substances and materials
•    Safety of structures, buildings and constructions
•    Medical-biological aspects of safety
•    General fire safety issues
•    Methods and tools to ensure security
•    Fire and industrial safety
•    Occupational safety
•    Risk limitation and elimination of consequences of emergency situations
•    Environmental protection. Environmental safety
•    Problems and prospects of prevention of emergency situations
•    Monitoring and forecasting of natural and technogenic risks
•    Firefighting equipment
•    Information technology. Information services and technical means of ensuring information processes
•    Physical-chemical aspects of safety
•    Higher mathematics. Applied mathematics. Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and complexes of programs
•    Economic and organizational management of security issues
•    The security audit. System analysis. Assessment and risk management
•    Training of specialists of EMERCOM of Russia: humanitarian aspects
•    Educational technologies

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